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Admission Office Assessments


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 With more than 50 years of experience in directing both independent school and college admission offices, our consulting team knows more about the independent school admission process than most anyone in the country.  Because we understand the unique impact that history, location, mission, and leadership can exert on how a school is perceived, we are able to assess a school’s admission office infrastructure, measure its relative market strength, and identify enrollment management challenges and opportunities.

Admission offices at independent schools need to be as externally focused on trends, market indicators and marketing as they are internally focused on their school’s day-to-day programs. We assist clients in achieving an appropriate external and internal balance to effectively market their schools with projects like the ones listed below.

Admission Office Assessments in the last two years have often produced outcomes like the following:

  •       Enrollment and operational goals set by the head of school and board of trustees.
  •       Admission and enrollment goals set by the admission office for the current and future years.
  •       A written plan of action describing specifically how the admission office will achieve its goals.
  •       A written report submitted at the end of each admission cycle to outline successes and shortfalls for the year, including a summary of the goals and objectives that were achieved.