The Chatham Experience

Whether you are new in your role as an admission director or are an experienced enrollment management head, the Chatham Experience will cultivate your talent and expertise and connect you with a meaningful network of colleagues.
— Christine Halier Baker

Pictured above & below: The Wequassett Resort, location of the Chatham Experience on Cape Cod.

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Cofounded by Chris Baker, The Chatham Experience is held annually in regional locations, including Annapolis MD and Jacksonville FL in 2019, and focuses on the important, and ever-evolving, issues of the day affecting directors of admission. In this collegial and supportive environment, admission directors share and learn from one another.

The Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP) has recently begun hosting regional sessions of The Chatham Experience each spring as the independent school enrollment season comes to a close. Over one or more days, admission directors explore specific topics face-to-face and in-depth with guest speakers and peers, participate in guided discussions, and take advantage of the opportunity to network.  Each session of The Chatham Experience provides a timely opportunity to reflect on the admission season, discuss trends, and address issues of the day.  

Visit the AISAP website to learn more about the dates and locations for this year’s programs. Chris continues to bring her insights and expertise to these sessions around the country as she is a featured speaker at many of them.

Click below to learn more and register on the AISAP website.



History of The Chatham Experience

In April 1994, twenty-three independent school directors of admission from the Northeast gathered at The Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod for the inaugural “Chatham Experience.” The program’s first agenda included a review of the admission season, an assessment of regional trends, and discussion focused on issues affecting admission. Just as important during the two-day program were the professional relationships and connections established by and among the directors of admission of participating schools.    

Twenty-five years later, The Chatham Experience is held in regional locations across the country; the program is recognized within the profession as a premier opportunity for professional reflection and development.  The agenda remains focused on the evolving important issues of the day affecting independent secondary school admission directors.



From the accolade archive


“A great experience with terrific professionals in a beautiful setting."

"Always the best professional experience of the year for me!"

"Chatham experience has really helped me to see the bigger and exciting areas of admissions that I don’t have access to in my school."

“Bravo! Another triumph!”

“Best ever! Lots of good energy!”

"Fun group."

"Great for first time, very informative."

"Best ever! Personality of group was great!"