The Baker Group has counseled more than 800 school clients over the past two decades, and from these experiences has gained wisdom about how to run highly successful college and independent school admission offices, and has developed a keen perspective on market trends and best practices. Assessing a school’s strengths and the effectiveness of its current admission operations, The Baker Group identifies specific threats and opportunities regarding their enrollment efforts, and offers recommendations with strategic and tactical solutions that enhance a school’s admission operation and enrollment.

Schools working with the Baker Group can expect to receive valuable counsel about admissions operation enhancements, and will be advised how these enhancements will support their school’s enrollment management strategies.  



Baker Group Edge

Our team has over 150 years of combined experience leading admission offices in independent schools and colleges. We understand the unique impact that history, location, mission, and leadership of a school can exert on how a school is perceived in the marketplace. We have successfully assessed hundreds of admission operations of independent schools in every region of the US and in Canada.

Our deep-dive consulting results in our understanding the ways in which a school’s admission office can leverage its uniqueness and market strength. We offer creative and extensive solutions to becoming the best admission office possible.

At the completion of each project, our report provides specific recommendations to strengthen a school’s admission and enrollment management infrastructure. Our work informs and supports the need for a school community to embrace an enrollment management mindset, and reinforces the notion that an admission office can only be successful if the school is involved in carrying out initiatives pursued in response to what market and school-specific research reveals.


What you can expect:

  • An assessment of the school’s admission operation and the school’s enrollment management infrastructure, systems, current strategies, and processes. We will

    • Clarify the coordination of (i) admissions, financial aid, and pricing strategies, (ii) faculty, student, parent, and alumni involvement, (iii) retention efforts, and (iv) a thoughtful and intentional marketing and communications plan.

    • Analyze admission and financial aid office staffing and budget.

    • Assess the school’s admission funnel - from inquiry through enrolled student - and develop strategies in response to that assessment.

    • Collect insights from the school’s leadership and admission teams to develop community buy-in.

    • Offer recommendations around data management, e.g. how data can be best organized, and how data can be used to inform enhancement and strengthening of enrollment management practices.

    • Recommend institutional research options, from prospect perspectives to alumni.

  • Development of an Enrollment Management and Admission Office Action Plan with a strategy outlining goals, objectives, and tactics. 

  • Follow-up coaching and consultation to support the school in implementing enrollment management recommendations.




After recognizing that shifts in our market were impacting enrollment, we turned to The Baker Group for strategic guidance. Christine and her team engaged in a thorough and thoughtful assessment of our admission and enrollment strategies, and of our practices both internal and external. Their work culminated in a comprehensive blueprint for enrollment success tailored to MBS’s needs. The Baker Group’s work gave us an essential foundation to build a superb model for our school’s sustainability. I highly recommend The Baker Group to any school at any stage of their enrollment evolution.
— ROBERT L. MITCHELL JR. Director of Enrollment Management — Morristown-Beard School