The field of enrollment management is multifaceted and evolving, and having the right skill set to be an effective chief enrollment officer is more critical than ever. In addition to having traditional admission expertise Directors of Admission (DOA) and Directors of Enrollment Management (DEM) need to be excellent communicators, need to possess visionary and strategic thinking capacity, and need to be analytically and technologically nimble.

Admission and enrollment management leaders come to their positions with varying skill sets, often without these crucial “new” talent requirements. A coaching relationship can help improve the success of an in-place DOA/DEM or any school leader by teaching and developing those essential skills.


The Baker Group Edge

The Baker Group has led professional development for admission directors in both independent schools and colleges since 1987. Through mentoring and support, we have helped hundreds of admission professionals and other leaders within the school overcome challenges and become stronger enrollment leaders. In conjunction with setting specific goals, we analyze and evaluate the current professional’s strengths and weaknesses and set up a plan to fill any identified strategic, analytical, or collaborative voids.

One-on-one coaching from a seasoned professional with broad experience will give your enrollment leader the tools and confidence to grow personally and professionally, developing the skills needed to be a strong enrollment strategist.



What you can expect:

Are you a Director of Admission or a Director of Enrollment Management?

In order to help you become a better DOA/DEM leader we will identify a particular area of emphasis that we will work on over a period of 4 – 6 months. On a regular schedule, we meet by phone to review progress since our last meeting, identify challenges and successes, and make a plan for how to work deliberately in the weeks ahead.  In preparation for the regular check-ins, you will update your progress in writing and provide any analytical or other information that is relevant to our work.  Coming out of our sessions you will have clear direction and insights into how to improve your work in the next few weeks to achieve your long-term goals. We will periodically follow-up with the Head of School and evaluate progress in relation to our engagement and institutional goals.

Are you a Head of School?

Are you wondering if you have the right person for the job?
Are you hoping to learn how can you support your current Director of Admission or Director of Enrollment Management colleague?

You are not alone in recognizing that your DOA/DEM may not possess all the skills necessary for success. The need for these skills has evolved quickly as the market has evolved, and a skill gap has developed nationally within the admissions profession as professional development has not kept pace. Coaching is the ideal way to work with your current DOA/DEM to develop those skills, and to confirm you have the right person in place.

Quite often we see situations where the Head of School has tapped an individual outside the admission office with great strategic, analytical, and collaborative skills to lead the enrollment management effort.  Even if you are confident you have the right person for the job, you know they need essential training and mentoring to learn and develop the skills needed to coordinate the effort to achieve enrollment goals.  This is where a coaching relationship can help you achieve enrollment success.

With a clear understanding of the skills and talents that need to be improved upon or learned, the Baker Group will work with your veteran or new DOA/DEM to achieve your mutual goals — those that will benefit both the individual and the institution.  A detailed framework, developed as we begin the engagement, will allow your DOA/DEM and you to monitor progress and measure success of those areas that are essential for success. We will check in with you periodically to consider whether progress is being made according to the plan.

Coaching can span 4 – 6 months or the entire school year, depending on objectives.  This could include developing a set of skills or achieving an important strategic goal.

Through mentoring and support, we have helped hundreds of admission professionals and other leaders within schools overcome challenges and become stronger enrollment leaders. This brings success to both the individual and the institution.




I’ve nothing but love and light for the legendary Chris Baker and how she can improve an admissions and enrollment process. I’ve engaged Chris for a variety of essential roles that leverage her exceptional experience in the admission world. From coaching to leadership development to identifying talent for my school, she has met and exceeded my high expectations. Here’s my prediction – you will celebrate the day you hired Chris Baker to serve your school.
— CRAIG N. SELLERS Head of School — Friends’ Central School