The Crow’s Nest Institute

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Pictured above: The Colony Hotel, location of The Crow’s Nest Institute, Kennebunkport, Maine.


The annual Crow’s Nest Institute is the nation’s premier forum for experienced senior enrollment officers.  For the past nineteen years hundreds of independent school admission leaders who have attended Crow’s Nest to learn and grow, and have thereafter returned to their schools with a stronger understanding of leadership and management, and with critical insights necessary to develop short- and long-term strategies to sustain school enrollment.  The institute’s location in the oceanfront village of Kennebunkport, ME offers an ideal setting to refresh one’s perspective and connect with a talented and experienced network of other senior enrollment professionals.   

Because enrollment is the key component to sustainability of independent schools, it is critical that admission directors hone their leadership skills and educate themselves and others on campus about shifts in the education landscape and the increased affordability challenges for families, and the impact these are having on admissions and future enrollment. “Scanning the Horizon” sessions at Crow’s Nest go beyond just presenting market challenges; we include engaging discussions that will inspire participants to think more creatively, more energetically, and more intentionally about their school’s response to such challenges. The Institute also focuses on professional and personal development in the opening “Tending to Your Inner Captain” session, when we invite directors to gauge their personal and professional successes and challenges, and to develop wisdom, understanding, and appreciation of their own uniqueness, special talents, and future potential. In addition to developing a deeper connection with one’s true leadership role, participants consider and retool their own admission and enrollment management skill set during the Institute’s “Refining Your Charted Course” sessions.

Crow’s Nest is scheduled intentionally after the end of the school year and before the dog days of summer — a perfect time for reflection, analysis, and visionary thinking.  Energy builds throughout the three days as speakers and ensuing discussions spark lively and thoughtful conversations. Each participant leaves Crow’s Nest with an infusion of energy, and with an expanded network of close colleagues from across the country and beyond.


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Join us for the 20th annual Crow’s Nest Institute in Kennebunkport, ME on June 24-26, 2019

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The premier event for directors

The 2018 Crow’s Nest Institute received a 4.9/5 overall from participants.  Here’s what the group from 2018 had to say: 

 Comments from the 2018 Crow’s Nest Institute

  • This is a one-of-a-kind experience and so unique, a very personal way to grow in our position and careers

  • This was by far the most enlightening and refreshing professional experience of my life

  • Excellent, informative, rejuvenating, relaxed and productive

  • I love the opportunity this conference offers. I really learn what you need to know to move forward in the projects we have in play

  • I’ve learned so much and am grateful to have met so many wonderful and smart leaders. Thank you, Chris.  You are awesome!!

  • Thank you SO much.  I feel so rejuvenated by the content and the professionalism that I have been surrounded by in the past 3 days!

  • Thank you for bringing us all together and for all your work into Crow’s Nest.  Wonderful conference! Will definitely be back!!

  • Love, love, love it!  Better every time!  Thank you!

  • Thank you for a superb three days!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such a GIFT this experience is.


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